LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads Guide (With Examples)

February 26, 2024

In the bustling world of digital marketing, standing out is key, and what better way to shine than by showcasing the brightest minds in your company? Enter Thought Leader Ads on LinkedIn, a revolutionary advertising format that's changing the game by highlighting your team's expertise and insights. This isn't just advertising; it's a platform for your company's thought leaders to inspire, engage, and connect.

What are Thought Leader Ads?

Thought Leader Ads  turn the expertise and content of individual employees into critical elements of a brand's advertising strategy. Unlike standard LinkedIn ads from the company as a whole, Thought Leader Ads highlight team members' personal insights and knowledge. This approach adds a layer of authenticity and relatability, making these ads more engaging and credible to the professional audience on LinkedIn. By showcasing real people and their expertise, Thought Leader Ads effectively humanize the brand and foster a deeper connection with the audience.

How Much Do Thought Leader Ads Cost?

When we talk about the cost, or how much you might spend on these ads, we're still learning. However, some studies suggest a range of $2-$5 per click for Sponsored Content ads on LinkedIn, and Thought Leader Ads could fall within this range or even slightly higher. 

Thought Leader Ads are more than just about clicks and costs; they're about making a real impact:

  • Get Your Brand Out There: Reach more people and make meaningful connections with those who appreciate what your brand brings to the table.
  • Make Conversations Count: Start real talks that make your brand memorable.
  • Leads in a New Light: It's not just about the immediate sale; it's about building trust and interest that draws people to your brand.
  • Attract the Best: Show off the people on your team, making your brand a magnet for top talent.

Weighing the Costs and Benefits

A few things will shape your journey with Thought Leader Ads:

  • Who You're Reaching: Getting targeting just right can mean more engagement, but it might cost a bit more.
  • Content that Engages: It's all about content that strikes a chord, leading to better results.
  • To Bid or Not to Bid: Decide between setting your bids or letting automation do its thing, depending on what feels right for your campaign.
  • The Right Kind of Ad: Pictures or videos? Videos might be pricier, but can pull in a bigger crowd.

How to Create Successful Thought Leader Ads

Mastering Thought Leader Ads means mixing a bit of art with science:

  1. Spotlight Your Stars: Find folks within your team with the voice to amplify your message.
  2. Content that's Already a Hit: Use posts that have done well organically to ensure they resonate.
  3. Keep an Eye on What Works: Watch how your ads are doing and keep tweaking based on what you learn.

Examples of successful thought leader ads:

Joshua Stout LinkedIn

Diana Abeleven LinkedIn
Sarah Goodall LinkedIn

Ready to Dive In?

Thinking about giving Thought Leader Ads a go to shake up your LinkedIn game? Reach out to Green Hearted today to learn more! 

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